appetizer/side-dish recipes

In search of that perfect starter or side to go with your meal? Look no further, here they are!



Try this dip at your next cookout, it will not disappoint! Enjoy hot or cold, this dip is creamy, cheesy, with just the right amount of spice.

Spice blend featured in this recipe:

number juan taco seasoning


5-Peppercorn rosemary potato salad

Try this recipe for a simple, yet elegant twist to traditional potato salad.

spice blend featured in this recipe:

5-peppercorn blend


Fried okra with sriracha yogurt dip

Perfect little crunchy bites of fresh okra, paired perfectly with a sweet and spicy yogurt dip. Did we use the word perfect enough? 

spice blend featured in this recipe:

idaho wit tha flava - french fry salt