10-Jar Thanksgiving Dinner Set

10-Jar Thanksgiving Dinner Set


We’ve taken the guess work out of Thanksgiving Seasonings! Our 10-jar Turkey Day set includes any blend you could need on the big day from turkey to desserts and everything in between!

Blends included and suggested uses:

  • Shroom Salt: gravy, roasted veggies

  • Idaho wit tha Flava: potatoes, mac n cheese, veggies

  • Big Bulbs: mashed potatoes, salads, veggie dips

  • El Jefe’s: meats, veggies, pasta salad

  • Lemon Pepper: roasted veggies, meats

  • Rotisserie: meats, turkey sandwiches

  • Buck it From Behind: turkey,

  • Fall for Alice: yams, acorn squash, baked sweet potatoes

  • Pumpkin Pie Sugar: pies, pumpkin pie martinis, cookies, coffee

  • Spiced Vanilla Sugar: pecan pie, oatmeal, coffee

We know every family has their own special recipes. If there’s a blend or two you’d like to swap out, just add to cart and fill out the form that pops up to customize your set!

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