The Green Sombrero - Verde Blend

The Green Sombrero - Verde Blend

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Make a fashion statement with this green medley of peppercorns and herbs that just so happens to pair beautifully with a margarita on the rocks with salt.

Suggested Use: Sprinkle 2tbsp over 1-2lbs of chicken breasts. Sear in hot pan then transfer to a slow cooker. Cook on low for 5-7 hours until done. Shred chicken and use for tacos or burritos.

Ingredients: sea salt, garlic, onion, Mexican oregano, cilantro, green peppercorns, black peppercorns, chives, jalapeño powder, sugar

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Allergen Disclaimer: Produced in a facility that handles tree nuts, soy, peanuts, and wheat products.


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easy leftover-chicken enchiladas